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PAS 555

PAS 555 is simple.

PAS 555 is an emerging British standard which defines the outcomes required for effective cyber security. Its non-technical outcomes focused language makes it accessible beyond the IT department; to boards, suppliers and the other business functions who have a part to play in effective cyber security.

We use this standard as a framework for helping organisations develop a cyber security strategy, something which we think all serious organisations need to have in today’s age.

Why Choose 7Safe for PAS 555 requirements?

7Safe’s expert consultants include PCI QSAs and experienced auditors for international standards and schemes concerning information/cyber security including ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials. In collaboration with PA Consulting, we also offer advice and support in relation to the Data Protection Act (DPA) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as other regulatory requirements. For more information on our audit and compliance client work see below.

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We have our own PAS 555 assessment tool

which allows us to rapidly understand the level of cyber security in an organisation and report clearly to management on areas where standards are below industry standards. This tool can be equally effective when assessing the reach and coverage of any security improvement initiatives underway.

Effective cyber security must include your whole organisational footprint, covering your service providers and supply chain. We have used PAS 555 target outcomes as the basis for defining security requirements in contracts – an area currently not given enough attention.

Want to achieve this standard?

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