​Payment Card ​Discovery

Scanning for Card Data can reduce the cost of your PCI compliance programme

Being able to demonstrate that areas of your network are free from card data can help reduce the scope and cost of your overall compliance programme, provide the reassurance that your employees are aware of the expectations of them in handling card data, and reduce your exposure to a card data breach.

Why Choose 7Safe for risk and compliance?

7Safe’s expert consultants include PCI QSAs and experienced auditors for international standards and schemes concerning information/cyber security including ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials. In collaboration with PA Consulting, we also offer advice and support in relation to the Data Protection Act (DPA) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as other regulatory requirements. For more information on our audit and compliance client work see below.

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We’ve built a dedicated scanning tool based on years of forensic and PCI work

Building on our extensive experience of forensic analysis and PCI breach investigations, we have developed 7Seec, a card scanning application that will identify PANs (Primary Account Numbers) stored in clear text across your network. 7Seec is fast, forensically sound (it will not alter the underlying meta-data such as file access dates) and accurate.

Our PCI QSAs will run your scanning project and ensure you gain maximum benefit

Led by one of our PCI QSAs, we will create an appropriate scanning strategy, identify the systems most likely to contain data, and set a sampling pattern suitable for your PCI-DSS compliance. We will then perform the scans and provide you with a comprehensive report of any machines, folders and files where card data resides across your network.

Based on this report we can help you to identify how the data came to be stored unencrypted and establish an appropriate response to clean the affected systems and prevent the re-immergence of card data through increasing employee awareness or regular scanning.

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