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Database security is a specialist topic which overlaps with computer security, information security and risk management. The database security assessment we provide is about checking various information security controls aimed to protect your database against compromises of their confidentiality, integrity and availability. The set of our tests checks various types or categories of controls, such as technical, procedural and physical. We will analyse your database (such as: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.) and check its configuration, security features, access rights, system and object privileges and many more.

Why Choose 7Safe for database assessments?

We are experts at driving out security vulnerabilities and improving the resilience of your infrastructure. We have been in the forefront of providing cyber security services to clients based around the world – offering not only exceptional technical expertise but outstanding client services. For more information on our previous work see below.

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Database assessments include:

Our penetration testers will simulate attacks onto your database and check its security features from a number of perspectives, which include:

  • Attacks from internal users (authenticated and un-authenticated access)
  • Security of the data within the database (e.g. encryption/hashing techniques used for storing sensitive data)
  • Database hardening and security
  • Protecting sensitive data from privileged users (e.g. DBA)
  • Defence in depth mechanisms

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