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Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Regular penetration testing reports showing either complete system status or changes since your last vulnerability scan, are provided by our dedicated security experts. We reduce your administrative and maintenance burdens so you can better focus on protecting your assets and, most importantly, reducing business risk. Managed vulnerability scanning is vital to identify and remediate vulnerabilities within your IT environment, before hackers can gain exploit them. And overall can reduce and manage risk on an on-going basis to prevent cyber-attacks on external-facing networks. However it is recommended to carry out vulnerability scanning alongside regular penetration testing, to ensure all bases are covered.

Why Choose 7Safe for managed vulnerability scanning?

We are experts at driving out security vulnerabilities and improving the resilience of your infrastructure. We have been in the forefront of providing cyber security services to clients based around the world – offering not only exceptional technical expertise but outstanding client services. For more information on our previous work see below.

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Vulnerability Scanning helps you:

  • Quantify what exposure you have to attack and the data that is potentially at risk, allowing you to make an informed and proportionate response
  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your network
  • Enhance your business continuity by reducing the probability of a security breach or exploitation of IT assets
  • Comply with existing regulations and any security certifications you hold
  • Verify and evaluate your IT security investments and existing protective and preventive measures
  • Establish a high-level overview of your technical security posture, indicating if any further steps, such as penetration testing or policy reviews, are required.

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