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​Our Approach to Phishing Assessments

7Safe’s approach to phishing is simple - but effective!

To deliver our tried and tested phishing assessment service, we follow a process made up of four stages as shown in the diagram below. To find out more about each stage expand on the boxes.

PA Approach3




  • 1. Define
    • We will confirm the overall timeline with you during this stage.
    • During the Define stage, we will firstly agree with you what type of assessment you would like us to conduct as it determines the level of information you supply us with, if any.
    • We will then agree the list of people to receive the phishing email as well as the theme for the campaign. We will also confirm the start and end points of the campaign, including any phasing of the Launch stage.


  • 2. Initiate
    • We will create the new campaign, email template and any website pages needed to support the campaign during the Initiate stage.
    • We will then perform a trial run against one or two specific (and aware) individuals in order to ensure that your IT infrastructure allows delivery of the email and access to the phishing website.
  • 3. Launch
    • In the Launch stage we will create the list of target email addresses and send out the phishing email as agreed during the Define stage.
    • During this stage we will also monitor how people are responding. This activity will be run over a maximum of two weeks to ensure that you get the best value from the assessment.
  • 4. Report
    • Once the end of the test has been reached, we will move into the Report stage where we will collate all the statistics, conduct our analysis of the results and provide you with a report summarising what happened. 
    • At the end of this stage we will decommission the phishing website and securely delete any data it holds.

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Why Choose 7Safe’s Phishing Assessment Service?

7Safe is a member of CREST and we apply and adhere to the rigorous CREST standards.

We follow the CREST model for providing high-quality Cyber Security Incident Response. 7Safe CSIR services are designed to work with organisations who have, or have not prepared (Phase 1) for a cyber incident.

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